APRS-A Support


Here's a set of set-up screenshots for the 878-I  v1.24 to get started with the long time analog APRS.  These steps will help get your 878 showing up at aprs.fi correctly.  APRS-A does not use the PNWDigital network, so these setting may be used for any radio channel.

The APRS Voice Alert feature can work in this radio but if you set for decode to mute that APRS noise bursts, then your radio will not decode for positioning.  Anytone needs to change how they mute audio and bursts so that decode doesn't break the path to the data handling.  So this example is useful only if you know someone is listing to 144.39 with CTCSS enabled for 100.0 Hertz.

If you don't have GPS locked onto the Sats (circle on top line or radio display is not RED) and you wish to manually send data to aprs.fi, then change "Fixed Location Beacon" to ON.  PTT will send a burst on 144.39 manually.  Change the "Enter Your Sending Text" to your personal text as this is the comment line that shows aprs.fi.  The APRS Symbol table is in the PNWDigital primary IO Group Anytone directory.

Set these here as show.  "GPS" and "Get GPS Positioning" both should be ON, the rest is for digital mode, might at well set it now.  PNWDigital does plan to support digital geolocation with an aprs.fi gateway (we need coders to create this gateway).

Be patient for GPS lock...could be up to 30 minutes for the first use.  Wide open sky best as the almanac is about 12 minute download itself. GPS Test mode is an option in v1.10 at each power on cycle if you wish.  We will be testing and providing the typical 878 GPSr warm start and test start timing as soon as we have good weather and clear sky access.

Use of -6 is suggested but many others can be used.  There are conventions that are recommended, -7 or -10, so your actual implementation is up to you.

For testing of your set-up you may wish to reduce the auto and manual interval times to 60 seconds.  Be sure to go back to the longer settings when done testing!


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