Digital APRS Support

TYT MD-380, MD-390 and MD-UV390


Chances are that your radio's GPS was last tested in China, at the factory or never at all.

You may need to wait a while to get a signal lock. Be patient.

But first, program the following into your radio to get the GPS actually working.

Note:  Now using Private Call 311999 on Timeslot 1, graphics below show old BM info

Digital Contact

Create a new "Digital Contact" and label as "APRS-311999". Make the contact "Private Call". Set the Call ID to "311999". Do not enable a call receive tone.

Create a new channel on your repeater that you wish to use. Label the channel "(repeater name) APRS GPS ON" . Enable the "Send GPS Info" and "Receive GPS Info" settings.

Select the Contact as the "APRS-311999" one created.

Select an appropriate group you may already have in your radio that includes TG 9 and any of your other favorites.

Use the same color code as your hotspot. Use time slot 1.

Make sure there is "None" in the Privacy setting.

Select "1" in the GPS System setting. (Note this is the same procedure for each repeat are you wish to have APRS-D updates.)

Your channel should look like this when done:





Go to the GPS Settings in the CPS and enable GPS Revert Channel to the channel you created called "(repeater)APRS ON"
Set your default GPS report interval to a value of "180". If you select a smaller value, the GPS will affect your battery life.
Set the Destination ID to the Digital Contact you created called "APRS-311999"


You would have do this for the all repeater you wish to have GPS transmitted on. (i.e GPS 2, 3, 4 and so on)


You will have to setup GPS system for each repeat, with the configuration above.



Confirm you have GPS Lock

Go into your MD-UV390 radio menu under "Utilities" and "GPS BeiDou Info"

You should see your latitude, longitude, altitude and number of GPS satellites your radio can receive.

 Channel configuration should look like this below:


Content provided by: Virgil Hall, KJ7OOT

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