Washington EmComm and Public Service information

PNWDigital.Net makes our resources available to support Washington state EmComm and other public service or public benefit organizations.  We have up to 4 dedicated talkgroups solely for use to support EmComm and public service activities.  2 of the talkgroups can be used simultaneously so two communications links can operate independently for additional traffic or for different purposes.  EmComm 1/2 talkgroups enable 7/24 monitoring without the bother of normal recreational DMR traffic.  Our network covers most of the state of Washington population.  Please contact our EmComm Team for additional information on how our services can assist you in your missions, nets, training and/or events.

We have affiliated with HamWAN which provides PNWDigital.Net with use of their microwave backbone IP network.  This increases the robustness of our network and provides us with less dependency on the public IP networks (Internet).  We are also working to provide MMDVM servers for additional "Bridgets" via HamWAN, a project in active development now.  We also have 2 additional POP's in Spokane and Tri-Cities besides our primary hub in Bremerton and all are now able to host our services rather than use distant IP loops that insert additional latency and additional vulnerability to failure at critical times..


1-22-21: More repeaters have been added to the network that are not listed below, see Repeaters

12-16-19:  PS 1 and 2 and EmComm 1 and 2 have been depublished.  Misuse and use by non-EmComm or public service groups is the primary reason.  PNWDigital.Net fully supports these services but now, these groups will need to reach out to our EmComm Team for more information and authorization.  Nets, drills or other non-priority uses of PS 1 and PS 2 will need to be scheduled/approves by our "Nets Manager".  Contact nets@pnwdigital.net  The scheduling helps PNWDigital.Net  and the EmComm groups as announcement can be made OTA during our weekly system wide nets as well as posting in IO groups and in the IO Group calendar.

2-1-19:  Added EmComm 1 and 2  talkgroups.  For use by EmComm groups only and only on their repeater(s).  It is a local only talkgroup and not linked elsewhere unless by agreement. As it is dedicated only for EmComm use or as per the local policy, it can be used for monitoring up to 7/24 without the distractions of the normal DMR traffic.

9-17-17: PS 1 and PS 2 have been added to all participating WA repeater managers including HKS's Sultan repeater on Haystack.  PS 1 is FT with 120 minutes of hold-off and PS 2 is PTT for 60 minutes connect time and with 60 minutes of hold-off time.  Hold-off timers silence networked talkgroups on that timeslot per repeater or repeater group (manager) to reduce outside TG activity.


Participating Washington EmComm Repeater List
Repeater City - Heat Map

Information - Details

Freq / Offset
Color Code / Contact

Coeur d'Alene - Blossom Rdg I-90 corridor coverage, about 69 miles from 4th of July Pass ID to Four Lakes WA (Hwy 904), north to Sagle, supporting WA EmComm due to extensive coverage into Washington. 444.475 +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
Bellingham - Lookout Mtn Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; Everett to Vancouver BC 440.9250  +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Boistfort - BawFaw
Vancouver - Larch VHF
Wide area I-5, Olympia to Vancouver WA, some coastal coverages, HamWAN connected 440.7375 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Bremerton - Gold Mtn Wide area I-5, Downtown Seattle; Puget Sound to Lynnwood, HamWAN connected 440.7000 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Everson - Sumas Mt WA Operating low level but with wide coverage, onsite in the spring 2019, Mt Sumas NetWatch 440.3750 +5 Mhz CC1
Ellensburg - Suneast I-90 corridor coverage from Cle Elum to 7 miles west of Vantage, Ellensburg/Moses Lake combo heatmap 440.9250 +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
Ephrata - Beasley Hill Wide area repeater for I-90 and Moses Lake 147.4125 -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
Lynnwood - Gunnysack Low level, I-5, Seattle to Marysville, Puget Sound 444.1500 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Mazama VHF - E-Town North Methow Valley; Twisp to Early Winters/Lost River WA, low level 145.5100 +2.78 Mhz CC3-BP
Moses Lake - Frenchman I-90 corridor coverage from Vantage to Ritzville, install pending: Sept 2017, Ellensburg/Moses Lake combo heatmap 440.9250 +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
Olympia - Capitol Peak I-5 corridor coverage, Castle Rock to Seattle plus Coastal, HamWAN connected 440.7125  +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
Seattle - Cougar Mtn Wide area, I-5 corridor; Tacoma to Everett 441.2875 +5 Mhz CC1
Seattle - Metro Tacoma / Seattle area fill-in 441.3250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Southwest - Ariel Wide area coverage in the Southwest Washington 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
Spokane - Krell UHF Adding coverage South of Spokane, fill-in 444.1250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Spokane - Krell VHF Adding coverage South of Spokane, fill-in 147.4125* -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
Spokane - Lookout Pt Wide area, I-90 corridor; Ritzville to Coeur d'Alene 444.1500 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Sultan - Haystack Mtn HKS Network repeater; wide area, I-5 corridor / More info 444.4000 +5 Mhz CC1
Tacoma North - Ruston Tacoma / Seattle area fill-in 440.7250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Tri-Cities - Jump Off Joe VHF Wide area repeater 146.4250 +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
Tri-Cities - Jump Off Joe UHF Wide are repeater 440.7375 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
Vancouver - Larch VHF Oregon wide area I-5, Salem to Keslo, HamWAN connected, On the Boistfort manager for open use of WA TG's in Oregon, changing to 145.17 by 6-26-18 147.1500 +.6 Mhz CC1 - BP
soon: 145.1700 -.6

Please see our Repeater List, Interactive Repeater Map or Talkgroup Picker for the latest information

Note:  Some repeaters may be participating but not be listed here. check our Repeaters List for the latest
Dark grey shade indicates Not Available; not participating, not online or pending install, planning or repair
Click on City for a general map or area or click on the hilltop for a RF coverage area map.  Heatmaps provide approximate coverage only



Washington Repeater Talkgroups of Interest to EmComm

Talkgroups TS 1 / TG # TS 2 / TG # Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
ECR Statewide 1 ----   FT/120 Washington EmComm statewide talkgroup (future; use PS 1 for now)
ECR1 EOC 1 -----   F/120 Snonomish County EOC 1 is full time on the Bellingham UHF, Oso and Bremerton repeaters.  It is used for EOC to EOS traffic by Sonomish County ECC, Skagit County EOC, Island County EOC, Whatcom Unified ECC and San Juan EOC.This talkgroup will seldom be used sans a major event.  This talkgroup has a 120 minute hold-off timers for all of timeslot 1 talkgroups. North is Bremerton UHF only  and South is Bremerton and Oso, both FT and with 60 minute hold-off timers for all timeslot 2 talkgroups.
ECR1 North 2   ----- F/60
ECR1 South 2   ----- F/60
EmComm 1 -----   F/10 EmComm 1 and 2 are only to be used by EmComm Groups on their repeaters, local only unless agreed otherwise by those groups.  Typically, 10 minute hold-offs timers on all same timeslot talkgroups.
EmComm 2   ----- F/10
PS 1 ----   FT/120 Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, Full Time statewide talkgroup, all WA repeaters with 2 hour exclusive use timer enabled or extended by either by active local use or short PTT or Ker-chunk to start or renew the hold-off timers.
PS 2   ------- PTT60/60 Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, Part Time statewide (capable) talkgroup; keyups on any local repeater will connect to any other PS 2 repeaters that have also been enabled by a local kerchunk.  Continued local use at least once per hour will maintain the connection to any other active PS 2 repeaters, if any.
Talkgroup ID's are not published online or in the community codeplugs.  Contact your EmComm or public service agency for those details.  Please do not Ker-Chunk or use the above talkgroups without PNWDigital.Net permission or prior operating agreement, most events should be calendared prior to use, Emergencies or extreme priorities have no such restrictions.
Local 1 3181   FT Can be used if only 1 repeater is adequate for EmComm event coverage needs.  Suggest using Local 2 before use of Local 1
Local 2   3166 FT
PNW 1 3187   FT PNW Main All Repeaters; EmComm Priority, Calling or very short QSO's
PNW 2   103187 FT PNW's Secondary All Repeaters, shorter QSO's permitted but try to QSY
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister the PNW Region
Washington 1 (bm) 3153   FT Full time statewide talkgroup, with Brandmeister
Washington 2   103153 FT Full time statewide talkgroup, all repeaters

NOTE:  PS 1 is fulltime with 2 hour HO timers  //  PS 2 is PTT for 60 minutes with 1 hour HO timers // EMComm 1-2 local only
General Note for other talkgroups:  PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default unless noted above  (PTT Info)

Simplex  for DMR National and Washington State

Ch Label

Simplex Duplex +9 Notes
Sim V1 145.7900   Simplex Defaults are: TG ID: 99, Timeslot: 1, Color Code: 1, Talk Permit:  Always

If you create your own non-defaults, please add them to your zone so that the defaults are available with commonality througout Washington

Original Simplex frequencies implemented in 2014 by worldwide consensus

Sim V2 145.5100  
Sim U1 441.0000  
Sim U2 446.5000  
Sim U3 446.0750  
Sim U4 433.4500  
Sim U5 WA 430.4125   WWARA recommended low power (non-protected)

 5 watts is the recommended maximum power

Sim U6 WA 439.4125  
Sim U7 WA 430.4250  
Sim U8 WA 439.4250  


Handy Links for EmComm Information

MMDVM Supports PS 1 and PS 2 / MMDVM server portal for openSpots, ZUM and Nano client devices
Heat Maps Stale: Current combined: Washington  /  Washington Repeater Location Map
NetWatch Online status and activity for PNW's Minimal NetWatch  //  NetWatch-b
User Guides PNW's New User's Quick Start  //  Generic User's Guide  //  DMR Doc Project  //  Info Dir
Quick Start Quick or entry document for new users to get up to speed on using the PNW DMR network
Talkgroup Info A primer for PNW users to help understand the features and power of talkgroups.  Much more information on each talkgroup and how they operate on PNW // MCT operation explained  //  Brandmeister/c-Bridge talkgroups  //  TG Picker
Talkgroup PTT Complex subject: What are Part Time Talkgroups, PTT or Push-to-Talk Talkgroups & what are their affects on the timeslots; advanced

 For more information on our EmComm services, Email: EmComm@PNWDigital.Net

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