Expanded Information

The PNWDigital.Net Network is a system of open use DMR repeaters located in the Pacific Northwest. The PNWDigital.Net c-Bridges currently supports 55 plus MotoTRBO repeaters with 30 plus plus in Washington, 5 plus in Oregon and 2 in Idaho. We have affiliated networks for another 10 plus repeaters in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.  We also have deployed several c-Bridges, an echo server and 9 MMDVM servers for additional repeater and hotSpot support linked via HamWAN, a private RF based IP backbone network for Hams. Where possible, our repeaters are connected to HamWAN with some repeaters having dual IP sources with failover protection to insure the most robust connections during times of greatest need.

This network enables the use of a single local area repeater for a QSO or EVERY repeater on the network, depending on the talkgroup selected. Each repeater can support 2 simultaneous conversations or upwards of 50 conversations network-wide. Users are empowered to talk locally on a single repeater or to thousands worldwide. Think smallest footprint needed to support your QSO. Understanding how the talkgroups are designed to work is important before hopping onto the network.

New users of PNWDigital.Net repeaters should read our Welcome page.  Our primary web pages are available via links on the green banner at the top of all pages throughout this website. Otherwise, click on the Links to to see more of our web pages.  Hams new to PNWDigital.Net or DMR generally, you should read the Quick Start and/or Best Practices pages. Check out the interactive Repeater Location Map. You may also catch us on our Not-A-Net Gathering Wednesday evenings on the Washington 2 talkgroup at 1900 local. The Gathering was created in part, to assist our newest members with basic DMR information. So please join us there each week.

Policy update: All regular users of the PNWDigital.Net Network (excluding visitors or through travelers), are requested to become members of the PNWDigital.Net network by registering at our PNW groups.io subgroup. Members may use our resources freely according to our published best practices and user guides. We encourage our repeater users to become members but we do now require the users of our networking services, such as hotspots and IPSC to become members. Read our policy update to understand the difference and why we now would like everyone to join our IO group. Our repeaters are open use while our networked services requires membership. There is no cost to join and all services are free. Users who do not join our IO group will be asked to join. Ultimately PNWDigital.Net may require that you join or your networked services may reduced to repeater use only. Please join our IO group!


The OR-SAR (Oregon Search and Rescue) Group is affiliated with PNWDigital.Net. Their repeaters are operated primarily for Search and Rescue operations.

The BC-TRBO network in British Columbia Canada and the HKS c-Bridge network and repeater (Sultan WA/Haystack Mtn) have also affiliated with PNWDigital.Net. There are no restrictions in the use of these affiliated networks.

PNWDigital.Net has select Brandmeister talkgroups but we are not hosted by the Brandmeister network. We also have some other specialized assets including Polly, our echo server parrot, multiple direct connecting MMDVM servers supporting hotspot, MMDVM repeaters and high power DMR simplex stations.

Many of our repeaters and networking assets are linked via HamWAN's RF backbone. This private IP network is preferred as their services are most dependable and better supports UDP voice packets while the public IP network manipulates UDP which lowers voice quality and increases BER. We are working with HamWAN to expand their network coverage while expanding our radio links to their private network for more robust IP connections free of UDP machinations which typically are worst at peak use times.


PNWDigital.Net provides services for a number of nets of various flavors.  Our net schedule is maintained on our IO calendar.  If you are looking for a net or wish to create your own net, please check the calendar first.  We wish to coordinate our nets so that they do not conflict with the days, times and timeslots for our existing nets as well as provide new nets with less contention for the available recourses.  We wish to insure that all nets current and future are provided the best opportunity to succeed.  If you have questions about starting your own net, please contact our net coordinator at: Nets@PNWDigital.Net

EmComm, ACS, ARES, RACES and Public and Community Services

PNWDigital.Net also wishes to support and provide our services to, EMCOMM groups such as RACES, ARES or ACS and other independent EMCOMM, public service groups or ham clubs that support their communities. PNWDigital.Net has available specialized talkgroups for Washington that are able to support emergency communications as well as public service events while still allowing much of our regular activity to continue without interruption to our regular users.  For more information, please contact the team at: EmComm@PNWDigital.Net

Admin Team

PNWDigital.Net has a team of 5 admins who work together to make the major decisions on the immediate needs of the association as well as long term planning for new repeaters and sites, their funding.  The team also works together for the day to day operational issues as they surface.  Please meet our team:

  • Rob - AF7PR - Tacoma WA:  Major funder and force behind the Washington repeater expansion efforts, repeaters owner
  • Mike - NO7RF - Mazama WA:  c-Bridge programmer, repeater owner
  • Rod - KC7AAD - Spokane WA:   IT and Network maintenance, hardware, planning, HamWAN, AMPR manager, EmComm and repeater owner
  • Brad - N7ER - Whidbey Island WA:  Westside admin
  • Dave - W7NCX - Vancouver WA:  NCS for the Gathering, Nets Coordinator

We coordinate our activities with our large group of repeater owner partners and c-Bridge affiliates as well our EmComm agencies.  Our EmComm coordinators are Ed - N7EKB and Jim - WA7VFQ.  Ed and Jim may be contacted at:  EmComm@PNWDigital.Net

 For more information, please contact the team at: Admin@PNWDigital.Net

Network Growth

PNWDigital.Net is growing. We expect that we will have about 90% of the Washington population base covered by Summer 2020. We welcome clubs and individual groups to explore DMR and to join us. We will also support local efforts by interested area hams who wish to get a DMR repeater deployed onto the PNWDigital.Net network in their area. We also support MMDVM based repeaters and encourage them to join the network as well but are mindful that MotoTRBO repeaters are the most robust hardware for wide area RF coverage.  Our MMDVM support is designed to be an adjunct service to our primary repeater system which means that repeaters should be used whenever possible over personal hotspots for the best overall system traffic.

If you know of any hams or ham clubs in the Pacific Northwest interested in DMR and they do not know of our DMR network, please pass along our web address (www.pnwdigital.net) or Email address (Admin@PNWDigital.Net).