Interstate 5 Talkgroup
Border to Border Regional Interstate Coverage - CA OR WA

NEW:   I wish to refresh and get current coverage, need input from repeater owners please Email; for updates...Thanks...Mike NO7RF


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to maintain this talkgroup at a full time status, repeater owners advise it is not for general QSO use.  If abused, repeater owners will go to PTT or drop it and that will dilute the overall effectiveness of this unique talkgroup.

These maps provide a quick reference for coverage when using the I-5 Talkgroup carried by the following c-Bridge networks:  BC TRBO, Old DCI, PNWDigital, Mountain West, W6SS Group, San Diego County (Otay, Palomar), Orange county (Santiago), San Bernardino county ( Blue Ridge, Wrightwood) and a few other repeaters.  This map is likely out of date as repeaters add or delete I-5 from their talkgroup decks. If that repeater is on PTT, the effectiveness of the talkgroup is diminished, so please keep your contacts short and related to I-5 travel.

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BC TRBO: Greater Vancouver British Columbia; Highways 1 and 99 (approximately 50 miles northerly), FTon timeslot 1

PNW DMR: Oregon and Washington, FT on timeslot 1

SRRC:  Much of the Central Valley CA, Some Southern CA, PTT on timeslot 2

Mountain West:  Southern California, PTT on timeslot 2

San Diego County:  All of the county including Tijuana, Baja Mexico  FT or PTT?

Orange County CA: All of the county from Santiago Peak, FT on TS 1 (old DCI)

San Bernardino County CA: via Blue Ridge?


I-5  --  TG ID 3168

Interstate 5 is the only freeway in the US that is contiguous from border to border in the United states.  The goal with this talkgroup is to be able to have continuous (or nearly so) coverage from our northern and southern borders with Canada and Mexico (Wiki).  Including our current coverages into Baja Mexico and British Columbia, that would be approximately 2400 miles.  While unlikely that complete coverage will ever be attained, the major population areas could be over time with the continued general DMR growth expected.

The Interstate 5 talkgroup was created on March 4, 2013 by PNW DMR and was created specifically for use by those who travel Interstate 5 anywhere from Canada to Mexico or have an interest in DMR communications up and down this freeway corridor.  It should, in essence, be considered loosely as an emergency and/or "phone home" talkgroup for travelers moving along it's length.  Road conditions or information specific to I-5 travel are also valid users of I-5.

I-5 is a quiet talkgroup that can be listened to 7/24.  It should be added to your receive groups for monitoring.  If you were an old time CB'er, then it is much like a combination of Channel 9 for emergencies and Channel 11 for calling.

All PNWDigital repeaters have I-5 on full time (by design and need).  Please limit the general chatter so that our repeater owners will not be pressured to change to PTT.  Any change to PTT will dilute the value of this travelers talkgroup.  3-5 minute hold-off timers are in place generally on the old DCI and PNWDigital networks.

There are approximately 30-35 TRBO repeaters that have likely Interstate 5 coverage in California, Oregon and Washington as well of much of British Columbia (Hwy 1 and 99) .  San Diego (Otay Mtn) has coverage well into Baja California as well. 

USE of I-5:  By design, I-5 is to be kept on full time on the repeaters that carry it.  As DCI (old) and PNWDigital have I-5 on timeslot 1, it is considered a priority talkgroup on our c-Bridge.  This is important as it is always problematic when users try to use it as a timeslot 1 gab channel.  It is specifically for the I-5 travel corridor and of little use if the talkgroup devolves to PTT access as repeater owners tire of its misuse.  It is considered a calling talkgroup with limited talk time related to travel on the I-5 corridor and then when no other TG is convenient between the many repeaters and c-Bridge networks that carry it.  If allowed to become just another wide area talkgroup, repeater owners are going to press for changes to PTT and that will reduce its value to its users overall.  c-Bridges carrying I-5 are encouraged if not expected to have the 3 common statewides and TAC's in place to afford I-5 users options elsewhere for longer chats.  Repeaters without I-5 corridor coverage should not have access to this I-5 talkgroup as a general policy.

If your repeater or c-Bridge would like to join this special purpose interstate TG and agree in concept to the use outlined above, please contact us at I-5-talkgroup for more information.

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