"Net 1" and "Net 2" Talkgroups

Net 2 is PNWDigital.Net's primary net talkgroup. Future nets spawned from within this network will be encouraged to use Net 2 for their net.  Net 2 will be added to repeaters as requested or needed to accomplish any new nets.  Timers can be set for longer PTT On-times as well as for FT during the typical period of time needed for a net.  All net's must be scheduled through our Net coordinator.  Use the IO group calendar to find potential available times for a net.

Net 1 (TG ID 31001 on TS 1) and Net 2 (31002 on TS 2) are Brandmeister talkgroups reserved only for nets, gathering, roundtables and the like.  PNW has elected to adopt the concept and pass various events, either from Brandmeister or via our own connections.  We are implementing a soft approach which should minimize disturbance to local repeater use and allow for a user and repeater owner input.

Which events that are carried are up to the PNW Admins, the repeater owners and also by user request.  We may also provide other BM events that are not carried on their Net talkgroups.  The PAPA net is an example of a BM net which will now appear on Net 2 as PNW does not otherwise BM's 3106 but does carry the original California 3106 via DMRX

We have no plans to actively use Net 1 at this time (any Brandmeister Net 1 events would appear on PNW's Net 2 for now).  Also, our MMDVM servers will not carry Net 1 or 2 as hotspot owners are able to get the Brandmeister talkgroups directly.

All participating repeaters carrying Net 2 events will normally be in PTT, so you must kerchunk to activate the event at anytime from 5 minutes before or anytime during the event.  You should only need to do a PTT once.  The On-timer is generally for set to match the typical length of a particular net.  If a local user kerchunks it off then you and the user need to decide if the net shal continue by way of another Net 2 kerchunk.

Not all PNW repeaters will participate.  If you want to have a net carried, please contact the repeater owner and discuss it.  Only the repeater owner(s) can approve carrying an event and under their choice of conditions.

The PNW Gathering will remain on WA 2 but is made available to other c-Bridges upon request. Brandmeister Net 2 and PNW regional 2 do not carry our Gathering at this time but a switch may be made to PNW Regional (31771) in the future. 

The Net talkgroups are listed in the matrices and nets listed here as the guide to Net 2 appearances.  Remember Net 2 is only available for certain nets at specific times and is not otherwise available for use.

Events Generally Available
  • PAPA Net, on Net 2, Mondays, 2000 local, typically less than 2 hours

  • SNARS, on the SNARS talkgroup, Tuesdays, 2000 local (listed here for convenience)

  • PNW Coffee Net, on Cascades East 1 talkgroup, Wednesdays, 0800 local (listed here for convenience)

  • PNW Gathering, on Wash 2 talkgroup, Wednesdays, 1900 local (listed here for convenience)

  • BayNet, on Net 2, Thursdays, 2000 local, typically 1 to 2 hours

  • TAC 310 Net, on Net 2 Sundays, 1700-1800 local

Event TG Day Time PNW repeater sites carrying the event (PTT unless noted otherwise)
PAPA Net 2 Mon 2000 Please check the Matrix for the latest.  Currently on Full Time only during the nets are: BawFaw/Larch VHF, Baldi UHF, Capital Peak, Coeur d'Alene, Wenatchee/Moses Lake/Ellensburg UHF, Gold, Frailey, Lookout Mtn VHF, Lookout Pt/Krell UHF & VHF, Mazama VHF, Rattlesnake/Valley Camp and Ruston
BayNet Net 2 Thu 2000
TAC 310 Net Net 2 Sun 1700 PTT on select repeaters / The TAC 310 Net moved to BM Net 1 July 7, 2019

General conditions for the use of Net 2

  • The Net 2 talkgroup is primarily on PTT, you must key up to enable the event.

  • The event will last for a set time, usually for 1 to 2 hours

  • Local 2 will turn off the net for 1 to 2 hours

  • If any doubt, kerchunk it and find out if there is a net

  • Remember if you check in that you are using Net 2, not the actual net's talkgroup

  • If you don't have Net 2 coded into your radio, use Digital Monitor or Promiscuous Mode.

  • For more on "BM Net" concept: Nets // BM Net Calendar  //  BM Nets Facebook


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